Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why you so obsessed with me?

I have a new obsession.  Instead of reading, I play this awesome facebook game.  Gardens of Time.

It's a really simple game.  Find all the objects as fast as you can.  Like a modern day Where's Waldo!

Seriously.  I wake up early to play this stupid game.  And pace the floor when I have to wait for my energy to go back up.

I even circled all the items from the above picture while I was typing this out.  That's how obsessed I am.

I used obsessed way to many times in this post.  Obsessed.      Ok I'm done.

I finished reading the first Arry Potta book.  It was magical.  Unfortunately it did not cure my slumpage, but I have managed to read two books this week.  Yippie!   I am hoping that the BRAND SPAKIN NEW DRESDEN FILES BOOK THAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING A MILLION YEARS FOR will totally and completely bring me back in to the land of words and non-creased book spines.  (Marry me Harry Dresden? )

Oh yay!  I have 10 energy now!  I can play one game, reach a new level and have my energy filled all the way back up to 60 YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

(I need help)


Kathy Martin said...

I share your obsession. Want to be my friend on Facebook and be my neighbor in Gardens of Time? You can get to a link to my Facebook by visiting my blog. I am up to Chapter 8 (almost 9).

Ghost Story was good but it was definitely not the usual Dresden book. Happy reading!

Straylights said...

OH no! I hope I like the Dresden book. It's like my last beacon of hope for a good book to read lol! I sent you a request on fb :)

a!k0 said...

LOL this game looks familiar tho, wonder if I ever played it before..I should look it up. :D I love this kinda game too XD Me and my sister plays big city adventure: new york city on the ipad. I thought I was obsessed, I guess you are too XD