Monday, January 31, 2011


My fever has passed.  It was a really fun ride.  Good thing it was only five books, I don't think I could have waited any more years to read these!  I'm gonna have to say that Dreamfever was my favorite of the five, although I can't quite put my finger on why.
As far as Shadowfever goes, I liked it but kind of felt it was too long.  Being inside Mac's head for so long and having to read all her thoughts got to be a little boring, and I started skimming.  I did like all the twists, but thought a major player in the game got taken out WAY too suddenly for all the time Mac spent dwelling about him.  Every thing was all La dee da and then BAM!!

I've been seeing on Goodreads that a few people were really disappointed with how it ended.  I'm kind of thinking that some felt let down because of how long of a wait everything was and the constant buildup of anticipation may have ruined it for some people.  You can't have this popular of a series and have everyone be happy with the ending.

Anywho, I for one really enjoyed this series! I can't wait to see who's POV Karen decides to write from next  ;)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I wanna shake up your system

So, today I finished reading Dreamfever.  I don't know how all of you did it.  Waiting more than a year to find out what happens.  You guys are crazy!  By the end of the book my heart was pounding, my hands were sweating, and my mind was screaming!   Thankfully, BFF has loaned me her copy of Shadowfever to read as I am still on my book buying ban.  I'm not too far into it yet, but I feel the itch to go back and continue reading. *scratches*  I'm not sure if I will get any sleep this night.  :-/

Have I mentioned how crazy all of you were for waiting a year to find out what happens?  Yeesh!

Oh god!  I've got the FEVER! *fans self*

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Five years is a long time to wait

Hey did y'all know that  Shadowfever is out?  Bahaha of course you knew!!

Did you also know that I read Darkfever when it came out in 2006 and I didn't read any of the other books since?  It's not because I didn't like the book.  Ok well I kinda didn't really like Mac, but that's neither here nor there.  NO, I waited because I knew the series would be EPIC.  And every year when BFF told me that she nearly died from the latest cliffhanger ending, I knew I was doing the right thing by waiting to read the series.  Fast forward to today. This week.  I am finally treating myself to books that I have wanted to read for FIVE YEARS.  I must say that I am quite proud of my will power  *flexes*

Tomorrow I'm starting Dreamfever and yes yes I see what all the fuss is about.   :D

Monday, January 24, 2011

Is this a dream?


My two favorite team are going head to head in the SUPERBOWL?!?!  Somebody pinch me!  Who am I going to cheer for?  Will I be happy and sad with whoever wins?  Ohh my emotions are going to be so conflicting!  :(

My palms are sweating just thinking about it!

Packers got Aaron Rodgers  and Steelers got Roethlisberger....I'd put a picture of him up but....he's ugly hahah!   :)

Hines Ward.  Now HE's a cutie!

B.J. Raji, who got his first touchdown yesterday!  It was great!

Troy Polamalu, one of the best players EVER.

And just for fun...ahahahha!

Oh the HAIR, the Hair!  *reaches out to pull it*

February 6th is the Superbowl.  I hope I don't have a heart attack watching the game.  :D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stacia Kane

Dear Stacia Kane,

 Thank you for getting me out of my book slump. Chess Putnam and her druggie ways, and Terrible's ugly face put a smile on my face every time I think about them.  Their story got so under my skin, that at night, the characters would talk to me in my dreams, Seriously! They would not leave me alone until I had finished the third book City of Ghosts.

 I'll be honest, it was a little hard to get into your writing style at first, but halfway through Unholy Ghosts I didn't even notice it anymore.  I'm so glad to see you put Chess through everything you did.  She's addicted to drugs, but is a strong person besides that.  It's a very interesting character you've got there!

Ok and yeah, I'm a little nervous with what you will do in the fourth book with Chess and Terrible.  City of Ghosts just ended so wonderfully for me that it makes me anxious to see what you will throw at them, and how they will handle it.  But I know there is a lot more story to be told so I'm excited as well squeeee!!!

Much love,

Friday, January 14, 2011

Doom and Gloom!

Oh dear, I've neglected my blog again  :(   Sorry guys.

If it makes you feel any better, I've read four books and only thought they were 'meh'.  Maybe that's why I haven't been blogging.  I'm not excited about the books I've read so I don't feel like talking about them.

 I tried reading a John Irving book and got bored with his rambling and weird sexual encounters.
Then I tried reading Redwall, and for the life of me could not get into reading about a mouse.  :-/  I'll be honest and say that I only read about 30 pages in but eh.  The only part I enjoyed was the evil rat with one eye!  But I don't remember his name...

This is all very sad because they are both classic books that many people have enjoyed.  I mean, one got made into a movie and another was made into a TV series!  How dull am I that I couldn't even get halfway through these books?

Is there something wrong with me?!  Am I unable to enjoy classic, well written literature?  Am I cursed to only enjoy only books were there is lots of blood, guts, doom and gloom?  Books that have to have some sort of supernatural creatures, or weird, unexplainable things happening to the main characters?

Haha that's a vampire from Daybreakers in case you were wondering.  I loved that movie!  See!!! Blood and guts AGAIN!   I can't escape it!

Oh woe is me!   *fans self*

Tell me someone has the same troubles I do??

*runs off to read a bloody book*

Friday, January 7, 2011

Resistance is Futile

Star date: 8374838.72

*waves*  Helloooooo!  I'm going to be away for the weekend and I just thought I would let my inner geek show.  Hope you all have a great weekend!  I'm hitting basic maneuvers and will be back soon!

(Oh geez, did you cringe a little? Cause I did!)

"If warp drive fails to activate, the results could be.....unfortunate."

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Useless Personal Effects

Personal Effects: Dark Art
by: J.C. Hutchins

                Personal Effects follows the extensive notes of therapist Zach Taylor’s investigation into the life and madness of Martin Grace, an accused serial killer who claims to have foreseen, but not caused, his victims’ deaths. Zach’s investigations start with interviews and art sessions, but then take him far from the hospital grounds—and often very far from the reality that we know.
The items among Grace’s personal effects are the keys to understanding his haunted past, and finding the terrifying truth Grace hoped to keep buried:
• Call the phone numbers: you’ll get a character’s voicemail.

• Google the characters and institutions in the text: you’ll find real websites

• Examine the art and other printed artifacts included inside the cover: if you pay attention, you’ll find more information than the characters themselves discover Personal Effects, the ultimate in voyeuristic storytelling, represents a revolutionary step forward in changing the way people interact with novels.

Bleh. I thought this book was going to be so awesome.  Inside the cover there is a pocket full of police reports, death certificates, driver license, creepy photos that have the eyes of people scribbled out and a bunch more stuff.  I thought since this was suppose to be an interactive book that I would be able to INTERACT with them.  Maybe use them to help solve a mystery of some sort.  Instead all I did was quickly glance at them and toss them aside.  Basically there is no point in all that crap being in there.  Sure it's cool that you can call the number on the cover and get Zach's voicemail, or check out the websites, but honestly what's the point?  
And as far as the story goes it was mediocre at best.  Most of the time I found myself skimming through the pages, rolling my eyes at the stupid dialogue between Zach and his brother or Zach and his girl friend Rachel.  I mean come on!  They call each other "geek goddess" and "hottie artist" Gag! Boo! Hiss! Who does that?!  Nicknames are suppose to be short and sweet, not long and laughably stupid!
I wish Martin Grace had more screen time.  At least he was somewhat interesting with his self-imposed blindness. But no, he gets like...12 pages. Lame.

So while this book had a cool concept with all the extras you get to look at and explore, it all fell flat for me.   Yadda yadda yadda.  The end.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Book Chatter with Anne Michaud!

Two book lovers chat on the internet...

AM: So, did you read The Knife of Never Letting Go????

SL:  I did! And it was great!  I really liked the Noise concept.  I mean, could you imagine hearing the thoughts of every living thing around you? UGH I get a headache just thinking about it.  Although, it would be pretty awesome to be able to talk to you pet, which is why Manchee, Todd's dog, was my favorite character haha.  I also thought Todd and Violet's growing trust and friendship throughout the novel was really well done.

What did you think of the book? And have you read the other two books in the trilogy?

AM: I loved it but I must admit it took a little while to get accustomed to Todd's voice - the expressions felt very foreign and old, which I kinda liked by then end.  Oh, Manchee! I thought it was very clever of Patrick Ness to include a pet's thoughts. But yeah, I'd go INSANE with Noise.  I've read the second one...I'm a bit in shock. I was wondering if Ness could make it better than the first of the trilogy: he did.  It's a LOT darker, Todd and Violet face inner challenges more than any physical ones, as in the TKONLG. Jess, you'll love it. The book pulls you in, really. And at the end... well... ouch.

You know, I'v learned my lesson with The Hunger Games to not read all the books at once, the withdraw too painful once the series is over. So I'll wait a little before reading Ness' final.

What are you reading now?? Anything good???

SL: I think you should just read it! I'm always pretty happy when I find a book series that already has all the books out.  I am so impatient, and I just love to read everything and then digest it all later.  But then of course I have not read The Hunger Games.....*ducks* but I know a lot of people were very emotionally invested in the characters and were either happy or disappointed about how the series ended. I personally am just happy when a series does end, because I really love conclusions. I love that the characters that I have read about and loved, finally have an end to that chapter (haha no pun intended) in their lives.  Take for example The Mortal Instrument series.  In three books, Cassandra Clare gave us an evil father, friendship, danger, and love and the ending was all wrapped up in a pretty bow and everything in Clary's life was wonderful and I didn't have to worry about them anymore. Now Clare is coming out with books that continue on Simon's story.  Now I know that the books are not going to focus on Jace and Clary, but I was done with them.  I had my happy ending for them in my mind, and now I have to open up that beautiful story that I loved, and everything is going to change.  If it's for better or worse I don't know, but I think I have a right to be nervous about where the next story is going to take them. I dont know if I can deal with the drama of Clary or Jace finding someone else that might come in between what they have UGH.
Anyway, thats a rant for another time.  Yesterday I just finished Heaven's Bones by Samantha Henderson and it was wonderful!  It was like a combination of historical steampunk fantasy all rolled into one. Ahtough it was a bit hard to get into because there was a lot of back and forth between several different characters.  It was about this man named Robarts who went a little mad after his wife died during child birth.  He decided that the only way to make it up to his wife for her dying was to make girls into angels, and he does all these gruesome experiments and surgeries on them  There were also several other character point of views that you get to read from, but Robarts was my favorite because he was so out of it and what he was doing was so wrong, but you just felt sorry for him. Definitely an interesting read! And I liked the steampunk aspect of it as well

Have you read any steampunk-ish type books?  It seems like there is suddenly this big explosion of steampunk this year!

AM: Wait... you're a Hunger Games virgin?? How I envy you! To discover those books again, to be in the dark about the ending, to experience them for the first time... You. Will. Love. THG. No kidding, run to the bookstore and get the three books right away. BY FAR my favorite dystopian YA series: rich and complex characters, a very unique vision of the future, and inner struggle that never ends... oh, I'm weeping! What an amazing series. Vive Suzanne Collins, I say!
I'm a huge fan of the Mortal Instruments seres, too - and much like you, I fear the new additions to the original. Clary & Jace's story has been told, it's a done deal, let's move on.  I want to read it, and then I don't want to. It's like an old friend you lost touch with: can you connect again?  What if I don't like the new books as much as the old ones, will they change my first impression?  For me, these characters are alive, somewhere in a parallel universe, so to visit them once their story is finished... I'm not sold.  But I'll read them, I cannot NOT read them, I'm just too curious.

Me LOVEZ steampunk novels - and once again, Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan & Behemoth come to mind.  I love the mix of historical facts and futuristic elements, twisting it into something new and completely (most of the time) crazy.  It's addictive.  I've never heard of Heaven's Bones, but now that you've mentioned it, I just might have to get it :_  It's like dystopian books: we learn about human nature through something no one will ever get to live, in worlds that (hopefully) will never exist.

But tell me, which book/ character is your favorite? You know, the kind of story you can't put down and suffer from withdraw symptoms for a week or two?

SL: Oh man, I knew I would be in trouble when I told you I hadn't read The Hunger Games yet Haha!  Would you believe me if I told you that i hadn't even heard of the books until about five months ago?  Just cast me into the fire and be done with me!  *throws an arm over her eyes and faints*

Hmm which book/character is my favorite?  This is a hard one!  I guess I'll separate my answers into three categories, fav book, character, and series.
Ok I think my favorite book is actually one that I read recently, Jennifer Donnelly's Revolution. Wow wow wow this girl can write!  Anything she writes, I seriously recommend.  She's got this way that she blends in so many different elements into her stories and makes them all into one cohesive story line.  I love her books so much that I can't even explain their awesomeness, you just have to read them.
My favorite character is also from a book I read recently and it's Sophie from Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins.  This girl is fun-ny!  And she's so down to earth, and actually thinks for herself.  It was refreshing to see some character development between Sophie and her love interest instead of them meeting each other once and falling madly in love.  I'm SO sick of that.  When I read about that in the recent YA books that have come out I want to chuck the book out the window and scream and throw a tantrum.
And last but not least, my favorite series is the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.  I mean really, what's not to love about a wizard as selfless as Dresden?  A wizard who struggles with his darker half everyday and still manages to keep his sense of humor and loyalty to his loved ones.  And book 13, Ghost Story is suppose to come out in March and I am literally on pins and needles waiting for it squeeeee!
Since we are on the topic of favorites what I really want to know is who is your favorite villain?  Good guys are great and everything, but sometimes they are too cookie cutter.  What character do you love to hate, or just loved because they were so awesomely evil?

AM: I LOVE evil people - in books. the baddest = the best.  But how can I choose just one?  I love them all!!!! So I'll do like you, I've come up with three, the first not a surprise for anyone: President Snow from The Hunger Games.
My heart beats faster when I see someone so feared and evil on the page, a little thrill at the pit of my stomach.  How will Katniss react?  How would I?  He's at the head of what that crazy world, he can stop everything wrong with it but chooses not to.  Blood on his breath?  Me lovez it.  And the way he's so sharp and composed, but so rotten and dead inside... He could save lives, he could end the games, but he can't be someone he's not.  Much like the good guys, the villains are who they are: such a shame books don't give them more page-time.  Which gives me an idea...
Next favorite villain: Eli from Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist.  I love her because she's the bad vampire who kills, but also who falls for her friend.  She's feral, she's heartless, but not when it comes to Oskar.  The book is quite thick, but as I read on, I couldn't wait to see her do something totally creepy... a must read for any horror fan, not suitable for younger readers.
And last but not least, straight from my beloved Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice: Lady Catherine de Burgh.  Talk about a snotty, machiavellian, scheming woman - the worst kind in real life, but the best for drama.  Much like Elizabeth Bennett, I felt like rebelling against the evil blue-blood, and don't I wish I'd marry Mr. Darcy!!!
Speaking of villains, I always come back to Garrett (not a book, I know, but still...) in The Labyrinth -- do you have a favorite book adaptation to the big screen? If so, what did you love/hate about it?

SL: OOh movies!  I love movies! I've found that if I watch the movie before I've read the book, chances are that I will like both the book and the movie.  However, if I've read the book first and then go see the movie, most likely I'll hate the movie because all I can think about is how much good stuff they cut out!
I'm gonna have to say that my favorite book to movie adaptation was Practical Magic, because it was SO much different than the book.  I mean, really all they did was take the character names and the fact that they did some magic.  Which was great because I really didn't like the book.  I thought it was boring and dragged on, and I was looking for the characters that I loved on the screen to be in the book, but sadly they weren't there.  I'm pretty sure that this is the one and only time you will EVER hear me say that I liked the movie better than the book.  Everyone needs exceptions to their own rules though right?  :D
My second book to movie adaptation that I enjoyed was Jurassic Park!  Oh baby that movie was so awesome when it came out!  Yeah they left a lot of stuff out from the book, but I think they did a pretty good job of uncomplicating the story and having one cohesive story line.  And for the time it was released, the dinosaurs looked amazing!
I also really liked The Princess Bride and Lord of the Rings!
But do you want to know which one I hated? Twilight.  Oh MY GOD that movie was so painful to watch. Ugh I get the creeps just thinking about Robert Pattinson's eerie stare and Kristin Stewart's stupid lip biting thing!  I nearly ran out of the theatre!
What about you?  Any favorite book to screen adaptations? Or any books that you think would turn out to be really good movies?

AM: See, I didn't mind the first Twilight - but the second, ugh!  Although I wasn't surprised since the director also screwed up one of my favorite MG books, The Golden Compass by Philip Pullnam.  And Eclipse with its lack of blood?  Especially when you've seen 30 Days of Night by David Slade, which is one of my favorite vampire movies ever...  Anyway, let's just hope the hysteria surrounding Twilight will die down with the last film: it's just not healthy!
Ouh, movies adaptations are tricky, but me too, when I see the film first, I find it as good as the book.  It happened with Stardust from Neil Gaiman and Blade Runner years ago, and Let the Right One In, too, was gorgeous and haunting.  But those were exceptional films in their respective genre, which can't be said for most films made today.  Don't you find it hard to see good films at the cinema, lately?  Scary...
Of course, can't wait to see if The Hunger Games will be as good as the books, thank whatever god Suzanne Collins is writing the script!!  And the last Harry Potter will make me line up on the day it comes out at the cinema  And now that we know who'll play Clary from the Mortal Instruments, well, I guess I'll go check it out in 2012.
The book I'd really like to see turned into a movie: none.  I'm always disappointed, always feel robbed, always prefer my own interpretation than the one on the screen.  But that's just me, such a cynic.
So tell me: what's on your book list to read for 2011?

SL: I loved Stardust the move!  Stardust the book was eh.  I think that might just be because I am not a fan of Neil Gaiman's writing. :(  And as far as them making a movie of The Mortal Instruments go, I'm just about as nervous for that to come out as I am fro the continuation of the series.  Yikes!  I'll probably still go see it thought cuz I'm a sucker for torture!  Good thing I've got two more years to think about all the ways they might ruin getting rid of Magnus *gulp* Really REALLY hope that doesn't happen.
My most favorite book series have got books coming out this year.  There's Patricia Briggs and her Mercy Thompson series, Kim Harrison and the Hollows series (LOVE), and of course, Jim Butcher with the Dresden Files.  But mostly this year I am trying to get through all the books that I collected (hoarded) last year.  If I see a pretty cover, I pick it up.  I get extreme cover lust, and for the most part it's worked out for me to find some really great books!  However with all my book buying, a lot of books got thrown to the wayside and I feel sorry for them.  So this year I decided not to buy any new books, unless they are from a series I already read  :D   Want to know what I got on my shelves?  Hmm let's see, Paranormalcy, Nightshade, Let The Right One In, The Vampire Academy (just found out about this series last year! How sad!), Bleeding Violet, Shiver, a few J.R. Ward books, The Name of the Wind, and Phantom of the Opera, just to name a few.  Even with all these great books to read, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to stop myself from buying a few books on the Kindle!

Tune in next month for more chatter with Anne!

                                       **Anne Michaud blogs at Livy Parker's Journal**

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Devouring

The Devouring
by: Simon Holt

THE VOURS: Evil, demonic beings that inhabit human bodies on Sorry Night, the darkest hours of the winter solstice.
When Reggie reads about the Vours in a mysterious old journal, she assumes they are just the musings of an anonymous lunatic. But when her little brother, Henry, begins to act strangely, it's clear that these creatures exist beyond a madwoman's imagination, and Reggie finds out what happens when fears come to life.
To save the people she loves, Reggie must learn to survive in a world of nightmares. Can she devour her own fears before they devour her?
The Devouring is an engrossing tale of terror that will have you wondering: what if your worst fears became your living nightmare

Ooh yeah first book review of 2011! Woohoo!!  Are you excited?!  You should be!! Because this year I am starting things off right! I have had this book sitting on my shelf siiiince...hmm  probably since it came out in 2008.  I am so sorry Devouring!  Will you ever forgive me for leaving you on the shelf so long? Eh? What's that?  You're going to send the Vours to devour my soul?  NoOOooOOOoooO!!!   jerk!

The Devouring is one dark little book!  And it's all about conquering your fears.  I really liked Reggie as a character and loved her obsession with all things horror.  Kind of reminds me of a friend I have who also kind of thinks similar.  If you fear something, you should face it head on, it gives you practice to not be scared anymore.  This is what I loved about the book.  Reggie had a lot of things she was fearful of.  The real reason her mother left, the possibility of losing her brother Henry, and spiders.  But discovering the Vours, creepy smoke like creatures who make you experience your deepest fears, makes Reggie run straight in to her fears head first, if she wants to get out alive and save those she loves the most.

A truly gruesome tale with some disturbing images and one creepy little brother.
I'm looking forward to reading the next two in the series: Soulstice and Fearscape!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy 2011 all!  I hope your holiday season was as wonderful as mine was! It's just not a good New Year's unless you get champagne spilled on you!

So did you get all the books that you wanted?  I know I did because I went book buying crazy!  This year I'm going to try really REALLY hard to not buy any new books, unless its a book from a series that I read already, and well....I read a lot of series so maybe my book ban won't be so bad LOL!

 As of today I'm back on my regular blogging schedule...ha!  I have even finished my first book of 2011 WOO!!  ok well technically I started reading the damn book in November, but then I discovered Outlander and all was lost! So I went back and started reading it all over again just to give it a fair chance :)

Thanks to all who stayed with me during my short hiatus!