Thursday, January 27, 2011

I wanna shake up your system

So, today I finished reading Dreamfever.  I don't know how all of you did it.  Waiting more than a year to find out what happens.  You guys are crazy!  By the end of the book my heart was pounding, my hands were sweating, and my mind was screaming!   Thankfully, BFF has loaned me her copy of Shadowfever to read as I am still on my book buying ban.  I'm not too far into it yet, but I feel the itch to go back and continue reading. *scratches*  I'm not sure if I will get any sleep this night.  :-/

Have I mentioned how crazy all of you were for waiting a year to find out what happens?  Yeesh!

Oh god!  I've got the FEVER! *fans self*

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a!k0 said...

I just hope you don't melt like that snowman XD