Monday, January 31, 2011


My fever has passed.  It was a really fun ride.  Good thing it was only five books, I don't think I could have waited any more years to read these!  I'm gonna have to say that Dreamfever was my favorite of the five, although I can't quite put my finger on why.
As far as Shadowfever goes, I liked it but kind of felt it was too long.  Being inside Mac's head for so long and having to read all her thoughts got to be a little boring, and I started skimming.  I did like all the twists, but thought a major player in the game got taken out WAY too suddenly for all the time Mac spent dwelling about him.  Every thing was all La dee da and then BAM!!

I've been seeing on Goodreads that a few people were really disappointed with how it ended.  I'm kind of thinking that some felt let down because of how long of a wait everything was and the constant buildup of anticipation may have ruined it for some people.  You can't have this popular of a series and have everyone be happy with the ending.

Anywho, I for one really enjoyed this series! I can't wait to see who's POV Karen decides to write from next  ;)


Angela said...

I can't say I'm cured, LOL. It was a bittersweet moment when I opened Shadowfever.

Novels On The Run said...

I was soo sad when book finished. I liked the way a certain character was snuffed out , very unpredictable. I was like WT!!!! but it was rather quick and shocking how it happened. Just didn't see that coming...which I prefer unpredictable to predictable.