Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Book Breakup

I found this fun thing over at Pure Imagination and thought it was a perfect opportunity for me to break up with the Iron Fey series.

Why we are breaking up:
Everyone and their mother that I have seen review this series absolutely love it.  So I tried, I really really tried, but I just could not get into them.  I think it had a little to do with the contrived love story.  Meghan and Ash hardly talk, and she is in love with him.  Then the part where Puck is tried to be squeezed in as another love interest just did it in for me.  I'm sick of the love triangles and the love at first sight nonsense. I want to see the relationship grow.  I want to see trust being established.  I want conversations where they are friends, and then the conversations where they become something more.  I love character/relationship development and I WANT TO SEE IT IN THE BOOKS.  I don't like this instant gratification of " Ohhh he's cute!  I Love You, I'll Die For You" nonsense.  It's just irritating.
 The other reason for the break up is I am pretty sure that I just don't like books about Fae.  I don't like all the rules and laws.  I do however like how cruel they are, so that's one point for the fae   :) haha.

Anyways the third book Iron Queen just recently came out and, the series is going to continue with Iron Knight, Ash's story.

Like I said, pretty much every other reviewer really enjoy this series, I seem to be the only odd man out  :(

People who liked them:

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Lori said...

I know a lot of readers that just don't like Fairy books! I'm the same way with angel books! Don't like them!
I did however, like this series, but I'm not an Ash fan! I completely understand your feelings on that! Great post! :) I plan to make a graphic to go with Book Breakups soon so be on the lookout!

Kristina Barnes♥ said...

I actually really enjoy faerie books because they're vastly different on the repetitive paranormal genre that's out right now. I'm also one of those reviewers that semi-raved about this series.

BUT (one huge but), the reason you broke up with the books is the reason why I DO NOT LIKE ASH at all. I'm glad I'm not the only person who sees that they BARELY talk - it was mostly Ash telling Meghan he was gonna kill her til a certain point, then bam they can't live without each other, without even getting to KNOW each other. But all my friends are "Team Ash" and don't really care, haha. I prefer Puck because there was something to go on there: Meghan and Puck were bff's and have conversations about... yknow, trivial things friends have conversations about. (Btw, I have love triangles, too. I can't wait until the YA genre gets over them).

Anyway, it's sad that you're breaking up with the series, but I can totally see why you'd do so! :( IMO, The Iron Queen was the best out of the three, but I wouldn't want to give you false hope into trying it or anything. :P

Straylights said...

@ Lori - yay I'm excited for the graphic!

@ Kristina - I read spoilers for Iron Queen, and I totally guessed what was going to happen, so I'm glad I didn't read it lol! I preferred Puck as well but I could tell that it just wasn't gonna happen. Boo Team Ash! :D

Anna said...

Okay, I adore this series, but I support you FULLY. It's like you're in a bad relationship, and as much as I like the guy, I respect your right to break up with him. Hahaha.