Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's cold

Not much to say today.  Here's some pictures from after the snow storm.  Enjoy!  The cat at the end is Betty White  =D


a!k0 said...

Awww Betty :D I like the mane-like fur...she's one tough cookie to be out in the snow...and I want snow!! Well not here that would be terrible!! :) I just want snow....

Tammy (The Book Fairy's Haven) said...

Betty is super, super gorgeous. I think I want one like her too. By the way, please pass some of that snow our way - it's blisteringly hot here :( I long for some cold, snowy weather.

Novels On The Run said...


What a beautiful cat. Your pictures are gorgeous. ....sigh to see snow . I've only ever seen it twice in my life and not wild like that. Plopped up on a mountain with mum and dad for an hour and then down the mountain in Victoria OZ...but I have touched the crunchy stuff. Not as soft as I thought.

Did you ever read Branded ?


Straylights said...

@A!ko - Thats what slushies are for! so you dont have to experience snow!

@Tammy - Take all the freakin snow you want! I'm so sick of it! :D And you may borrow Betty if you like, she's so crazy!

@Michelle - Ahh mountain snow! Crunchy stuff does kind of suck.. You gotta get the fluffy stuff or the wet stuff (for snowballs and snow forts ! )
I just read Branded on my plane ride home! I liked it but I thought there could have been more with Cole :)