Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ay Lassie!

Oops, it's been a week!
  It was a long week.  I'm tired.  I'm also trying to read three books at once but reading Outlander on my phone is winning out  :-/  I still have 3 stupid library books to finish up.

As to where I have been, well I shall give you a few pictures and let's see if you can guess where it was hehe!  NO cheating NATALIE!

                                                     I wouldn't mind having one of these as a pet

                                                        Do you think they have this in a size 8?


I'm going to go back to reading Outlander and I dinna think I shall be back for quite some time ay.  


Natalie said...


a!k0 said...

Ooo elephant...but...Nemo is a clown fish XD that looks like a piranha o.O

Pictures at a museum? in LV?

TheBookGirl said...

I don't know, but I would guess a science museum...

Straylights said...

@ A!ko - It's a preserved Nemo? OH Maybe it's Dory!
It is a museum but not in LV :D

@ TheBookGirl- twas a science museum ay, I feel smarter just looking back at the pictures haha

Tammy (The Book Fairy's Haven) said...

Now if you come to my country, you might not be able to have one of those as a pet, but you do have an opportunity to ride on their backs. :) Of course, for a blasted fee - which us locals can't afford. *sulks*