Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cats are always right

So over the weekend, Husband and I went out to do some shopping and other random things. I convinced him with my wiles to go to the bookstore with me.  I found the silliest things there!

HAHA!  Yes they are what you think they are!  And if you don't know what they are because my crappy phone doesn't take all that great of pictures than I shall tell you that they are OVEN MITS! LOL
Don't you think the guy on the right in the second row looks like the Bounty Man? Bahaha!  Thank you book store for selling these!  I had a good laugh!

Sunday night I still wasn't feeling good after going to a friends house and drinking too many margaritas so I started reading The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller.

Ugh, I don't even want to talk about this book.  Even my cat didn't want me to finish it.  You see that evil look she's giving me?

The Eternal Ones
By: Kirsten Miller

Haven Moore has always lived in the tiny town of Snope City, Tennessee.  But for as long as she can remember, Haven has experienced visions of a past life as a girl named Constance, whose love for a boy called Ethan ended in a fiery tragedy
One day, the sight of notorious playboy Iain Morrow on television brings Haven to her knees.  Haven flees to New York City to find Ian and there, she is swept up in an epic love affair that feels both deeply fated and terribly dangerous.  Is Iain her beloved Ethan? Or is her her murderer in a past life?  Haven asks member of the powerful and mysterious Oroboros Society to help her unlock the mysteries of reincarnation and discover the secrets hidden in her past lives, and loves, before all is lost and the cycle begins again.  But what is the Ouroboros Society? And how can Haven know who to trust?

Let me try to say this nicely.  Haven is a dumbass.  She flip flops more than a dying fish on land.  I love Iain.  So and so says to stay away from Iain so I hate him now.  How dare he lie to me?!  Iain kissed me, I trust him now.  I hate you Haven.  I wish you would have died in the fire. You and Iain are boring, boring characters and I really hope there is no sequel.  GRR

It's a shame I read this book after reading what is probably one of my favorite reads of the year, Revolution by Jennifer Connelly.  Maybe I'll just wait till next year before I read any more books so I can just savor the good feelings Revolution left me with.



Natalie said...

I think the bounty man is the hottest oven mitt. HANDS down. Hahhhahahhahahhahahha. <3

Natalie said...

Dearest, I have just realized...that Pale Demon and This Side of the Grave...come out...ON THE SAME DAY.


a!k0 said...

LOL I'd get those oven mitts just beacause!!! XD hilarious! and the cats have those magical sense ;) cute post! love!

TheBookGirl said...

Seems that your cat is quite a discerning reader, lol.
Enjoy your holiday!

Zee said...

How hilarious! My dog demands attention too. He will even place his head over the laptop mouse so you can pay attention to him and not your work. Lol.

Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

I love the Bounty Man mitt! That distracted me from everything else. LoL

Audrey (holes In My brain) said...

lmao awesome oven mitts! ahaha
and agree with you on haven.. *sigh*. can't make up her mind and not too smart... my complaints too. I should definitely check out Revolution though, seems like it'll be good!

Kristina Barnes♥ said...

Hahaha omg, those oven mitts! Did you buy some?! XD

I haven't read the eternal ones yet. I've heard mixed reviews of it, so I'm not sure whether or not I should pick it up.. hrm.. :s

Tammy (The Book Fairy's Haven) said...

Lolz. I have to admit that I did enjoy The Eternal Ones but Haven was a very frustrating character. I can't wait for Revolution. I've heard nothing but awesome things about it.

Anna said...

The Eternal Ones is definitely a book that'll leave you with whiplash!

Straylights said...

I just want y'all to know that I am reading Outlander and Bounty Man kind of reminds me of Jamie from the book...Kind of.

And no, I didn't buy any of the mitts but I might! I hope they aren't sold out! Bahah!