Sunday, October 24, 2010

Looking for Something Good to Read

WOW.  I have not done a "real" post in quite sometime.  SLACKER!  Yeah yeah whateves.  I suppose it's update time then!

  We shall start with the most recent good news and that is...Packers win and Brett Farve sucks big time! HAHAHA!  OH Brett.  You thought you were sooo great, but the truth is YOU'RE NOT.  You're OLD, and a PERV....oh yeah and you threw three interceptions tonight!

Seriously just go away.  Have I mentioned that I hold a grudge?

In other news, I have not finished a book since last week.  This is sad. So very very sad :(

I tried reading I Love You Like A Tomato by Marie Giordana and yeahhh, got to about page 150 and had to stop.  I mean, it wasn't horrible or anything.  It was interesting and I liked the character Chichi.  I guess I just wasn't in the mood to read this type of book.

So then I figured that I must be looking for an action packed vampire book!  So I tried reading The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason but bleeeehhh.

The book takes place in ninteenth-century London and I got to about page 13 before I got sick of seeing the word "whilst" and stared unbelievingly as the word "fiddlesticks" was used.  "Fiddlesticks"  was said in a serious way, but I only laughed and shut the book.

I might go back and read I Love You Like a Tomato ( jeez what a freakin long title!!!) the rest of the way through soon, but it will probably be a while (years) before I pick up TRFA again.  Gail Carriger does it SO much better.

After my two failed book reading attempts I finally picked up Looking For Alaska by John Green. I am happy to announce that I will most likely finish this one haha!  However, remember how I said that I have a bad habit of reading the bad reviews?  Well, I did that for this book and boy do I regret it!  I found out a major spoiler.  Like a major major spoiler.  GRR!  Seriously Goodreads people, be polite and maybe at least mention that you are going to have a MAJOR spoiler in your review.  Jerks!

Oh this book cover is WAY cooler than the stupid cover I got.  I have a huge picture of a girl on mine.  Lame.    Anyways. I'm going to hopefully try to finish this book up by tomorrow, but with the way that I've been slacking, who knows.  ::Sigh::  Stupid book slumps  *kicks a can*


a!k0 said...

LOL aren't you very happy that Green Bay won? *pats back* Actually watched that and didn't expect they had it on!! Lucky me, was a pretty good game (watched like 20 last minute).

Oh I have been there before, reading multiple books at one and dropping them like flies :P But I love spoilers XDD *run away*

TheBookGirl said...

Yes old Brett should've stayed retired...the first time...

You'll get back in the reading swing soon...just takes the right book, and hopefully it'll find you soon :)

Kristina Barnes♥ said...

I've heard so many good things about Looking for Alaska. I reeeeeally wanna read it! xD

But I do agree with you - Goodreads reviews should include dang spoilers or something! I'm usually the very rude comment lady going "SPOILERS GEEZ IS IT SO HARD TO CLICK A BUTTON THAT SAYS "MY REVIEW INCLUDES SPOILERS?!" Someone had the gall to message me hate mail back. Uh, cause I didn't want a book I haven't read ruined to me while reading reviews that I assumed were un-spoilerish because they didn't have the spoiler tags? OKAY.

So I got my mini-rant on someone else's blog crossed off my list for today. ;)

Straylights said...

@ A!ko How lucky you got to see the last 20 min! Those, I think were the best minutes to watch!

@ TheBookGirl Yeah how many times has he "retired" now? 4? Bleh. Thank you for the encouragement!

@ Kristina I love mini rants! Keep them coming :D I can't believe someone hate mailed you back! HAHAHA

a!k0 said...

Yeah it was I think the best, since I wouldn't stick around to watch the whole game :D Yay Packers!