Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Missin know you do!

Are u guys missing me yet?? I'm blogging from my phone, which I must say is incredibly difficult! I'm sooo sad that I won't be able to do Waiting on Wednesday this week! It is absoulutly my favorite meme because I get to find out about all the awesome books that could soon reside on my bookshelf! However I am on a mini vacation and won't be able to visit blogs :( *sobs* So if u would be so kind as to just tell me what you're waiting for so I can put it on my wishlist asap I'd be much obliged Lol!!

When I get back the fun shall commence! I've got a half ass review about Clockwork Angel and maybe even possibly one for The Princess Bride! Woohoo! You know you're excited too!
So I guess that is it for now. Happy Wednesday everyone!

[insert badly done Photoshop picture of something] :D


Kristina Barnes♥ said...

Haha, I'm mildly surprised and happy that "you stalk me". xD Referring to --->

I am missing you! D: Are you really on a vacation vacation, or just a vacation from blogging in the sense that school is my evil vacation from blogging? :P

Well, my Waiting on Wednesday this week is The Scorch Trials. It's the sequel to The Maze Runner, which I had recently read, reviewed, and loved! It comes out on the 12th, so I don't really have to wait LONG, but still... The next six days are gonna prove tough! :S

I had no idea you could blog via phone o_o I wonder if my iPhone has a blogger app. *wanders off to check*

Straylights said...

\o/ YAY! Kristina! Lol thanks for dropping by! And of course I stalk you *pets* I've never read the maze runner *stacks it on to tbr pile*. And yes I am on an actual vacation and am currently tossing about, unable to sleep because of stupid feather pillows grrr! Also I used safari on my iPhone to post this and it crashed at least twice boo.

TheBookGirl said...

Hope you're enjoying your vacation :)

a!k0 said...

Ah vacation *sigh* i def need one :P have fun...oh i literally stepped into a bookstore yesterday since ive been avoiding them for so long cause i tend to bring out a min of 5 books everytime =___='' so that was quite an adventure XD needless to say i need more jeffery archer books!!

im stalking you woman >:D

Natalie said...

Come back already! I miss your face...and your posts...and your comments...because I only have 2 followers...:-(