Thursday, September 23, 2010

American Snooze

I've been trying to read Neil Gaimen's American Gods book.  I started it last week Thursday, and today I'm only on page 173. (588 pages in total)  I suppose this book would be a lot more interesting if I knew the history and stories of all the different gods that they have in this book but....I don't.  So far this book is just one bumbling mess of confusion and me not caring about the extremely boring main character, Shadow.  It's also really bugging me that Shadow just takes everything in stride.  He doesn't question anything, doesn't get freaked out about anything, I suppose he is just like his name....a shadow, like he doesn't matter at all.

 I'm debating if I should finish this book.  There are so many good reviews about it that I almost feel like I'd be wrong to not finish it.  Except that every time I open this book and I get real sleepy and end up like this: passed out with a granola bar in my lap hahah!

Maybe I'll skip to the other Gaiman books I have ( Coraline and Stardust)  then come back to this one.  At the pace I'm going reading it I might not finish it till next month!

Anyone else read this book?  Is it worth it to keep going??


Nikki-ann said...

Not read this one, so I'm afraid I can't help. However, if you've not got a feel for it by 200 pages, I doubt you ever will. Maybe put it down and pick it up at another time?

Cherry said...

Oh cripes! Got this one in my TBR pile... does that mean I need push this one further down the queue??

Straylights said...

I am moving on to the other Gaiman books in my pile. Arg this one is just sooo boring, and I don't know any of the old gods/legends they talk about so it's extra boring. Coraline here I come! :)

Cherry said...

I don't have Coraline though... might buy the dvd than the book ;)