Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brain Fog

   Last night I stayed up till 3am finishing First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost. I enjoyed the story all though Denise was kind of boring and whiny.


Here's what I didn't like about the book.  The ending felt so rushed I felt cheated.  There are questions I feel still needed to be answered.
For example, Denise killed the demon before she had a chance to get the brands taken off, meaning that  Raum's "essence" was still inside of her.  She states that she knows she will still have shape shifting abilities as well. Does this mean that her blood is still a potent drug for vampires?  And if so, I kind of wish it would have been addressed that she was still in danger of being discovered to have that sort of blood.

*** End Spoiler***

Even with my qualms about the ending and Denise's boring character, I still really enjoyed the book and am now most definetly a fan girl of Jeaniene Frost.

 Today I'm starting Eternal Kiss of Darkness.  But before I do let's talk about this incredibly cheesy cover.

Yes, I know it's a tad small of a picture, but if you happen to have the book, you should take a peek at it. Please take note of my lovely circle and arrow in the above picture because that is what I would like to talk about.   Whose idea was it to add that incredibly fake, clearly done in Microsoft Paint, blood?  WHY  WHY WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?  That fake blood is incredilby unnecessary and completly ruins the cover for me. Bad form!    They should have hired me for this cover.  Take a look at my awesome cover making skills!  

Lovely eyes darling! <3

Ahem....sorry for that outburst!  Despite my hatred for the cover I am dyyyinnnnggg to read this book.

Now, as much as I enjoy the Night Huntress Novels and the spin offs, I have to say that I am looking forward to being done with them.  Why you ask?  Because last night after I finished the book and went to bed, I couldn't stop thinking about what the next book would be about.  My mind made up senarios for the characters, and even made new characters.  Thoughts of what the characters dialouge would be went careening through my head all night, swirling about making sure that I would get little peace until I finished the last book.

So thank you Jeaniene Frost for making me so engrossed in your novels that I couldn't sleep. I love you.  Oh and please don't put anymore fake blood on your book covers.

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